Energy & Utilities Industry

The Challenge

Companies in the energy and utility sector must face various global challenges in order to position themselves as cost and efficiency driven as well as a technology driven industry. These challenges include operating an efficient and streamlined business, reducing costs, complying with intensified national and international new rules and regulations to name a few.

SoftExpert offers the industry’s most advanced and comprehensive software suite for compliance and performance management that meets the stringent needs of the energy and utility industry in all aspects from managing risks to performance indicator monitoring, environmental, health and safety management and much more.

Energy & Utilities Solution

SoftExpert Excellence Suite lowers the cost of regulatory compliance and helps companies maximize success, increase productivity, reduce risk and adhere to various regulations, such as ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 50001 (Energy Management Systems).

The solution enables energy and utility companies to map, analyze and continuously improve the efficiency of operations by integrating in a single platform of different management frameworks, including enterprise asset management, project management, regulations, performance, audit controls, risk, incidents, documents and records.

By offering staff with insight in their role in end-to-end activities, they become better able to recognize opportunities improvement and keep up with the dramatic shifts in the industry’s competitive environment. Powerful support for collaboration with co-workers across organizational boundaries then enables them to play a central role in making smart improvements in the way the organization serves its customers.

SoftExpert Suite simplifies and standardizes excellence and compliance management processes by providing a software platform with a central point of access to all up-to-date process documentation, process KPI’s, related documentation such as policies, templates, procedures and task related applications, as well as an online platform for registering suggestions, risks, complications and initiatives.


Risk management

       Project planning and implementing

Process modeling (BPMN)

KPI management

Asset management

Monitoring portals

Main Benefits

  • Flexible framework for performance management structure.
  • Real-time access to asset status.
  • Asset history traceability.
  • Maintenance frequency and validation control.
  • Compliance variances in performance improvement processes.
  • Electronic approval system for requests and executions.
  • Automation of corporate risk management process.
  • Risk management application in various departments (environment, health and safety, normative, information security, projects, etc.).
  • Process mapping and automation.
  • Increased efficiency with work order and routing optimization.
  • Fast implementation and seamless connection to your ERP.
  • Management of complex and long-term work and projects.
  • Optimal planning of resources worldwide.

Solution Overview