Ensure Compliance & Strategic Alignment

Our consultants will be with you on the path to align Corporate Governance guidelines and will get you ready to 


For this purpose, we rely on tools and methodologies that are successfully used by  Quality and Management schools, but adapted to the digital era and organized in a method that makes them accessible for everyone, thus making them truly effective.

Strategic Management Control

Business Analytics

 We will design, develop and implement an effective Data and Analytics Strategy with you.

Cost Management

We will be with you on the path from the concept to the selection and analysis of the calculation system you choose (Full, Direct, Standard, ABC, Target Costing).

Information Systems

We will audit your Technological Infrastructure and Functional Architecture to align it with the strategic objectives and we will select with you the best tools for each type of information system (ESS, MIS, DSS, TPS).

Performance Management

We will empower your organization with a full set of capabilities to transform strategy into operational objectives, driving both behavior and performance, defining and collecting metrics to measure and control business performance and measure progress.

Risk Management

We will help you to identify, analyze, assess, monitor and manage your business risks using an integrated approach.

Strategic Innovation

We will work with you from the design of innovation strategies, trough the selection of the appropriate techniques and tools, to the deployment of an innovative project and its control.