Chemicals Industry

Faced with increasing government regulations, ever-changing customer demand and global competition, all against the backdrop of risk that operating in the chemicals sector brings – such as air emissions, hazardous wastes, and supply chain risks – chemicals businesses need to not only manage these pressures accordingly, but also seek new ways to enhance operational performance and ultimately increase profitability.

Companies in these industries rely on disparate ERP, MES, and other IT systems to manage operations and costs. Unfortunately, these systems do little to manage and maintain chemical companies’ quality processes, risk management and regulatory compliance. As a result, many processes are handled just at one location, contain errors, and keep corrective or preventive actions from being implemented across the organization.

Chemicals Solutions

for compliance and performance management that meets the stringent needs of the chemical industry. The solution covers all industry aspects, from controlling documentation and risks to performance indicator monitoring and environmental, health and safety management.

Lowers the cost of regulatory compliance and helps companies maximize success, increase productivity, reduce risk and adhere to various regulations. It also improves efficiency and effectiveness across the organization and simplifies reporting and management of critical quality and compliance issues.

Standardizes excellence and compliance management processes by providing a software platform with a central point of access to all up-to-date information, including: process management and performance; related documentation, such as policies, templates and procedures; critical EHS and quality data, such as chemical waste, hazards and training records; asset management, including maintenance control; and much more.

Waste inventory 

                Product anda data management 

Risk assessment

Performance indicators

Document management

Problem and incident management

  • Automates critical processes, allowing the client to save costs and divert valuable IT and business resources to the core business.
  • Coordinates enterprise-wide compliance, audit, and risk management processes, by sharing information more effectively.
  • Empowers management to make quicker and more informed decisions, and to respond proactively to issues that arise.
  • Facilitates 100% paperless documentation.
  • Fluently communicates with other IT systems and facilitates the mutual transfer of data.
  • Facilitates compliance with GMP, OSHA, EPA, ISO, and other quality and safety requirements.
  • Accelerates issue recording, review, and approval cycles, and reduces repeat occurrences through consistent and closed-loop investigation and corrective action processes.
  • Shortens product release cycle times by finalizing corrective and preventive actions faster.
  • Improves organizational efficiency by alerting users when work is required and by automatically escalating late issues.
  • Helps optimize and plan inventory to accurately meet maintenance and production demand.
  • Manages waste generation, storage, and transportation in an optimized way.
  • Provides a centralized information repository with all risk, control, and audit data.
  • Offers a clear view into the organization’s risk profile, enabling managers to prioritize their response strategies for optimal risk/reward outcomes.