As experts in Digital Controlling & Process Automation. 

We offer various solutions and tools of which we are Authorized Partners to cover your Strategic & Tactical needs.   

Business Compliance & Excellence

Software Solutions 

SoftExpert Excellence Suite is the most comprehensive solution to collaboratively solve critical business excellence challenges into an integrated multi-application environment.

SoftExpert offers an integrated suite of components that can be implemented as business demands grow and the need to incorporate new functions.

Whatever the strategy chosen, only a fully shared Business Excellence environment allows its applications fit together like puzzle pieces and work seamlessly

Business Process Management

Corporate Performance Management

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Quality Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Management

Enterprise Service Management

Governance, Risk & Compliance Management

Human Development Management

Innovation & Change Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Project & Portfolio Management

Supplier Lifecycle Management

Support Service Levels

Provides an essential, high quality remote technical support to your organization. The Standard modality allows you to obtain assistance for suspected defects and product-specific, task-oriented questions regarding the installation of product updates. This level of support is indicated for those organizations that use our applications in non-critical processes, restricted to a single department and a reduced number of users.

Provides both additional and specialized support on products. Gold Support offerings focus on the vertical depth of support, and feature a personalized relationship with our technical experts and knowledge transfers. Gold support is the best choice for those organizations that use our applications in processes with a medium degree of criticality and that run across several departments.

In addition to the Gold level, this offers a priority remote service and the mobilization of professionals with different specialties. Additionally, new customer requirements detected during the continuous use of the application receive an advisory service and priority service in the evolutionary product roadmap. This level is recommended for companies that use our products in a corporate manner for critical processes that require high availability, reliability and operating efficiency.

In addition to the Platinum level, this offers a remote service and solution (workaround). This contract provides for contract the maximum time for solution (workaround) the problem, based on their criticality. This level is recommended for companies that use our products in a corporate manner for critical processes requiring high availability, reliability and operating efficiency, where the infrastructure available for products complies with the strict requirements foreseen by the manufacturer.